Friday, April 22, 2011

"Pearls from Sand" and Life Lessons

Welcome to the Pearls from Sand blog. This forum accompanies my book Pearls From Sand: How Small Encounters Lead To Powerful Lessons (Morgan James Publishing, 2011). Here I will periodically post new pearls of wisdom, along with explanations of how I acquired them and how I've been able to use them in my life. I invite you to submit your own life lessons at I will post selected submitted pearls in this blog, so that others can learn from your experiences and insights. I welcome your comments on the entries posted here, too.

What constitutes a "life lesson"? In my view, a life lesson is a fragment of wisdom, an insight about how the world and the people in it work. Life lessons go deeper than mere knowledge, like "If you just dropped a can of soda on the floor, don’t open it right away." That’s certainly good advice, but I wouldn’t call it a life lesson. The most effective lessons provide you with an "Aha!" understanding that can shape how you think about yourself, your relationships with others, your values, and your behaviors.